Ecclesiastes 7 – What does the bible teach about self-control?

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What does the bible teach about self-control?

The bible teaches that we have to have self-control in all areas of our life. We have to be responsible and make wise decisions. We must not let the emotions or opinions of others influence our choices. God wants us to live a balanced life and our self-control is an important part of that.

Better is the patient man than the warrior, better to control his spirit than to conquer a city. – Proverbs 16:32

How to be prudent when speaking?

Prudence is a proper domain of communicating wisely and effectively. God gives us the wisdom to know when and how to speak. Sometimes silence is the best choice. My beloved brethren, bear this in mind: All be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to be angry. –  James 1:19

Other times, we need to be bold and face situations. We need to pray, ask God for guidance and follow His Spirit.

The wise man is strong, and the man of knowledge builds strength.

With wise counsels thou shalt make war; and there is victory in the multitude of counselors. – Proverbs 24:5,6

Wisdom for right attitudes?

There are no shortcuts to wisdom, but there are some things we can do to get closer to it. We can read wise books, talk to wise people, and reflect on our experiences. With the elderly is wisdom, and in longevity is understanding. – Job 12:12

Wisdom also requires courage, because we sometimes have to make difficult decisions. But if we make the right decisions, we can gain wisdom.

A correct attitude is one that helps us achieve our goals in an ethical and responsible manner. We can have many different attitudes towards a situation, but not all of them will be correct. To know if an attitude is correct or not, we can reflect on its results. If the results are good, then the attitude is right. If the results are bad, then the attitude is wrong.

Because wisdom serves as a defense, as money serves as a defense; but the excellency of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to its possessor. Ecclesiastes 7:12

Wisdom is the ability to understand and apply knowledge effectively. It is a set of mental skills that allow us to think clearly and logically, solve problems and make effective decisions. Wisdom is considered one of the most valuable attributes of the human mind and is one of the main factors for personal and professional success.

Wisdom can be gained through education, experience and introspection. The wisest people are usually those who are knowledgeable about various subjects and have a good sense of judgment. 

They are able to think critically and analytically, and also have communication and problem-solving skills. Wisdom is a rare and valuable gift, and those who possess it are regarded as natural leaders and respected by their peers.

Wisdom According to the Bible

Wisdom is knowledge accepted by the understanding and applied to life. It is practical intelligence, the ability to discern right from wrong and to choose the best course of action. Wisdom is acquired through education, experience and reflection, applied through discipline and common sense.

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who acquires knowledge; – Proverbs 3:13

The Bible teaches that wisdom is a gift from God and that He delights to give it to His children. Wisdom is also an attribute of God, and He is the source of all wisdom. It is a priceless treasure, and whoever possesses it is blessed of God. Wisdom is precious, and whoever seeks it will find true happiness.

Wisdom is the light that guides us on the path of life.

Wisdom is the key to true happiness.

Wisdom is a gift from God to all who fear and follow him. 

Wisdom is the key to the abundant and full life that God promises His children.

Wisdom is the light that guides the path of the righteous and protects them from the snares of evil. 

Wisdom is the strength that sustains us as we face life’s challenges. 

Wisdom is the voice of God that teaches us to do good and avoid evil.

Wisdom is a precious gift, but unfortunately it is often ignored or rejected by men.

Wisdom is threatened by pride, selfishness, and the lust for power.

Wisdom is overshadowed by the illusions of the world and the snares of sin.

Wisdom is forgotten when people turn away from God.

However, wisdom is a gift from God that is available to all who seek Him with all their hearts. 

According to the bible, wisdom to hear.

The bible is the word of God and is our main source of wisdom. It is important to read and study it to learn God’s will for our lives. In addition, we must hear the voice of God through the bible and follow its teachings.

Listen to advice and accept instructions, and you will be wise. – Proverbs 19:20

In addition to the bible, there are other sources of wisdom that we can use to learn and grow spiritually. Here are some of the main sources of wisdom:

Parents and spiritual pastors and mentors: they can teach us about the bible and God’s will for our lives. In addition, they can give us practical advice on how to deal with life’s situations.

The Scriptures: The Scriptures are a set of sacred books that contain God’s revelation to the world. They teach us about God’s history with man, about his plans for the future and about how we should live our lives.

Prayers: Prayers are a dialogue with God in which we express our desires and ask for his help. He can give us wisdom through prayers and help us to deal with difficulties.

Experiences: Our experiences in life can teach us important lessons about wisdom. As we face life’s struggles, we can learn from our mistakes and grow spiritually.

Wisdom matters: Wisdom matters because it helps us make good decisions, deal with difficulties, and grow spiritually. Furthermore, wisdom helps us to follow God’s will for our lives.

How can we get wisdom?

We can obtain wisdom in many ways, but the best way is through the bible. The bible is the word of God and contains all the wisdom we need for life.

If we want to gain wisdom, we must read and study the Bible regularly. In addition, we must hear the voice of God through the bible and follow its teachings.

And if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.
But ask it in faith, not doubting; for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, carried by the wind, and tossed this way and that. – James 1:5,6

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