How to study the bible?

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 Studying the Holy Bible is something very important for the strengthening of the Christian, because it is through the word of God that we know more about God and strengthen our faith.

Hosea 6:3 – Then let us know, and follow on to know the Lord; his departure, like the dawn, is certain; and he will come to us as the rain, as the latter rain that waters the earth.

 Before we begin to study the Holy Bible, we must pray to God, and in this prayer we must ask God for wisdom and understanding of his word.

 We should ask God’s holy spirit to be our helper, and to make us understand what we read. We understand by studying the Holy Bible, we are seeking to know more about God, and the Holy Spirit is the one who will remind us of what we read.

 When studying the bible, we should not be ashamed of making mistakes, we are prone to make an interpretation that is often not in context, but it is extremely important that we come to read and explain.

 It is searching through these countless tools that we have to know if we are, in the context of what the word of God says. A great tool for this is the study bible, as it comes with references, and explanations, which will help you, and help you understand if your reasoning is correct.

But it’s okay if you don’t have the possibility to acquire a bible like this, because by following the steps you will certainly be able to study the bible and add knowledge and faith.

How to study the bible?

  1. Pray.
  2. Set a time and location.
  3. Do your daily bible reading.
  4. Create a study plan.
  5. Have a notebook to study the bible.
  6.  Use whatever tools are available.
  7.  Read the text and context.
  8.  Through tools such as online sites read more than one version.
  9.  Read good books, ebooks and Bible studies.

 Pray: Before starting to study the Holy Bible, it is extremely important that a prayer be said. Understand that prayer must be contained daily in the Christian’s life, and not just at the time of reading the Holy Bible. Prayer should be part of your life, that is, be constantly in prayer, and in your prayer ask God for wisdom.

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all freely and willingly; and it will be given to you.

 Setting a local time: it is very important to set a time and place to study the Holy Bible, because we know that everyday life is very busy, and for this reason we must set aside a specific time, just to dedicate ourselves to the study of the Holy Bible .

 Daily reading: performing a daily reading is important, because the 30 minutes we take to study the Holy Bible can add to our lives and to your knowledge. So for this reason we recommend that we read at least one chapter a day every day.

 Study planning:  your bible study plan will give you a direction when studying the word of God, because through it you will be able to locate yourself without losing the beginning, middle and end of the study

 . objectives, described as follows.

What is the purpose of studying the Bible?

What do I want to learn from a particular topic?

Lessons I can draw for life?

 Study planning can be developed through simple studies you’ve heard of, working on a topic you’ve heard about somewhere can be a great way to start your first Bible study.

 Notebook to study the bible: it is extremely important that you write down everything you learned, your doubts, connecting verses, reflections and discoveries during the study of the proposed topic. The idea of ​​the notebook to study the Holy Bible is to facilitate understanding, and if you are studying another topic that is similar, you already have the basis written down in your notebook.

 Accessible tools: numerous tools that are accessible among them the internet through cell phones, computer, video classes on YouTube, podcast, e-books and many other tools. remember that all learning through the mentioned tools must be checked in the Holy Bible to verify the veracity of the proposed subject.

 Reading the text and context: it is extremely important that we get to know the text completely, so that we can understand the story, where it takes place, what it is about, or what it is talking about, nothing better than understanding the text and context. Reading a chapter from beginning to end, gives us understanding and often, we must read some previous chapters so that we can understand the chapter we are studying.

 Read more than one version: we talked about tools above, and it is very important that we also use bibles from other versions as support material, websites if possible, today we have a website called bible online, in which there are several types of bibles available for free, countless versions that can be accessed and compared. There are now a wide variety of sites that have the bible online, just access and search for the desired model to study the bible.

 Read good books, e-books and biblical studies:  reading is very important to study the Holy Bible, because through reading the bible it is possible to learn to know more about God. We can also use as support tools to read good books, e-books, and studies that are available on the internet. Once again we emphasize the need to check the truth of the Holy Bible

Put gospel music background: make this moment pleasant, put a musical background, so that you can feel more relaxed and at ease to start reading and meditating on the God’s word.

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Written by : Ministério Veredas Do IDE

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