Hi! I wish the gracious and most holy Peace of the Lord Jesus to be with all our beloved and dear brothers. I come through this post, to say that I praise God for the lives of everyone who has gone through and everyone who will still go through the project Veredas Do IDE.

It is with great joy that we commemorate on 12/10, the 2nd anniversary of the Veredas Do IDE. And when we talk about Paths we are talking about mission, talking about calling. Veredas do IDE is a project that God has placed in my heart, where even I, who are speaking to you, could not imagine where we would reach with the word of God.

Pathways From the IDE is a tight path that one follows in their life; direction: where your life takes an inexplicable path in the experiences of intimacy with God. That is its Real meaning.

In these two years of the IDE’s Paths, perhaps many have wondered who writes the IDE’s Paths?

For this reason I come here simply to introduce myself to thousands of beloved and dear readers, I no longer call them just readers, but brothers in Christ Jesus.

Photo: Presbítero Allan Luiz – Veredas Do IDE

My name is Allan Luiz, I am evangelical, I belong to the Assembly of God church, I am born in the church, I am 26 years old and since I was 16 I have been part of the ministerial body. Today I am an elder and I take the floor along the Paths of the IDE. I’m married to Luciana, I come from a family of 9 people, my mother my father and we are 7 brothers.

My mother is a deaconess and my father a pastor. During the journey I lived many experiences with God and here we will share knowledge that we have acquired along the way.

The strongest experience I’ve ever lived with God, I’ll tell you here for the loved ones.

One day I like any young person who wants to see new places and experience new things and I decided to go to the beach with the brothers from the church. One day we made an appointment to go to a place that was once well known here in Brazil as the prainha do rio guandu.

I can say that on that day God showed me that he had a purpose in my life, ready to go to the beach, my mother asked me not to go, but I insisted, I insisted and then my mother said, ok you can go, but I will also.

So we were happy, when we got there everything went fine, when it was almost time to go out, a child who was playing with a crate, throws this crate into the water and it starts to float slowly, my brother who was with us said hey, I want that one crate.

Without thinking, I went to get the box that was floating, but when I realized, I was swallowed by the waters and the current no longer allowed me to return to the surface of the beach. I remember that the first time when I felt that I had lost control of the situation, I jumped and saw my mother standing up screaming that she was drowning, I sank again the second time I jumped again I saw many people running along the beach, and on the the third time I intended to jump I felt that someone was pulling me out of the water and this was an acquaintance who was like an angel from God, because if he wasn’t there I certainly wouldn’t be here today telling a little bit of the my story for you guys.

The next day, Monday the fire department was there because another young man had drowned and I thought to myself it was supposed to be me. So God spoke to my heart son you are different, I’m still going to do a lot in your life. Time passed and one day when I left school, God then spoke to me in the middle of the street, that he was going to take me to the ministry and that stayed with me, burning in my heart, because it was what I wanted.

In the church I used to attend to human eyes it was almost impossible to get into ministry at 15 to 16 years old. I spoke to my mother who was a member at the time, so I told her, God spoke to me that I will be raised as a labor assistant. I remember my father at the time Working assistant, lying in the room he smiled, as if to say lol lol this is impossible at this age, but time passed and the promise came true, because in a change of pastors, the new pastor said I’m going to raise Brother Antônio (My father) to Deacon and I’m going to take Allan as a work assistant, fulfilling what God had promised and that’s how my ministry began.

I confess that Job Aid and the Diaconate was brilliant and I had great experiences with God, but also many tears, because the gospel requires us to walk along paths with thorns, stones, winds and storms, but every time I thought about stopping God said

Joshua 1:9 – Did I not send you? Be strong, and be of good courage; fear not, nor be dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee, whithersoever thou goest.

Finally, time passed and from work assistant I went to deacon and from deacon I came to the presbytery. In 2017, I already had a desire to create a website that talked about the gospel, but I never did, and then on 10/12/2017, Veredas do IDE was born.

I learned on the journey of faith that we must share our knowledge, as we know nothing when we arrive and will take nothing when we leave. What remains are our legacies and there is nothing better than leaving knowledge as a legacy. The most important thing in the walk of faith is to sow the word, teach the truth, and form new disciples.

So in a change of church, we went to a new ministry and there the church was small where we didn’t have Sunday school, nor doctrinal worship.

I remember that after spending time, pastor decided to start Sunday school, and I proposed to teach, at the time I was still a deacon. We started with Sunday school at the end of a year, decided to start a doctrine service and finally a teaching for the worker. I had the opportunity to direct these works, but I wanted to share not only with the church, but to take the little knowledge of the word to others.

So the first post comes with one of the most beautiful works that God could give me which is Isaiah 61: 1-3-Bible Study What is His Call?

During this period I wrote other studies and due to work, I had very little time to maintain the site. One day my mother told me, look at the IDE’s Veredas, because it already has around 7,000 visitors.

So when I saw the amount of visitors I remembered the promises that God had made. Due to the winds that we passed along the way, seeing where the word of God reached strengthened me, renewed my strength and today I am here. Together with the dear brothers who keep coming.

Soon we will make a bold project with the ministry paths of the ide. And with immense joy we share with our loved ones.

Acknowledgments: I thank God in the first place for everything, for the family I was born into, for the family he is giving me to with my fiancée, and I also thank the thousands of brothers and sisters who daily pass by here to read and share this most powerful word.

Today we glorify God that we are reaching over 20 countries  and we can go further. We ask that each visitor help us to do mission, just share and help take the word to other lives.

Em breve levaremos o veredas do ide aos quatro cantos da terra nos ajude a levar o veredas onde ainda não chegamos. Compartilhe nossas páginas e faça missões, pois fazer missões é caminhar pelas Veredas Do IDE.