Outline 1 Samuel 1:1-7 Anna, the woman of faith: an example for us

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Topic:Ana, the faithful woman in the midst of adversity


Subtopic 1:Ana’s sadness for not having children

Biblical references: 1 Samuel 1:1-7

The importance of motherhood in the society of the time

The pain and humiliation that Ana faced


Subtopic 2: Hannah’s Prayer to the Lord

Biblical references: 1 Samuel 1:10-20

Ana’s faith and determination to seek divine help

The power of prayer and communication with God


Subtopic 3: Hannah’s blessing with a son, Samuel

Biblical references: 1 Samuel 1:20-28

Ana’s gratitude and dedication to the Lord

Samuel’s role as prophet and leader of Israel


Subtopic 4: Ana’s lesson of faith and hope

Biblical references: 1 Samuel 1:1-28

Ana’s example as a faithful woman in the midst of adversity

The importance of keeping faith and hope in difficult times



Ana is an example of courage, faith and dedication to the Lord

His story teaches us about the power of prayer and hope in difficult times.

We must seek to follow Ana’s example and keep our faith in God, even in the adversities of life.


Understand how this outline can help you in the elaboration of your preaching.

This outline is a general framework that can be used as the basis for a sermon on the character of Hannah in the Bible. To use it, you can follow these steps:

Reading and Study: Before starting to prepare your sermon, it is important that you do a careful and thorough reading of chapters 1 of 1 Samuel, as well as study about the historical and cultural context of the time in which it was written.

Customization: Feel free to customize the outline to suit your needs and preaching style. Add more details and examples to make your message clearer and more impactful.

Organization: Use the outline as a guide to organize your thoughts and preaching main points. Each subtopic can be developed in more detail, with examples and illustrations to help enrich your message.

Delivery: Deliver your sermon with clarity and passion, conveying the message about Ana in a way that is understandable and relevant to your audience.

Remember that the main purpose of preaching is to convey God’s message and help people connect with him. Be creative and use all the resources at your disposal to achieve this goal.

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